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Allergy Drops alternative to allergy shots

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What are they?

Allergy drops or sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) are dilute oral

doses of the substances (allergens) they are allergic to.  They are

self administered daily in a spray that is absorbed under the

tongue.  The dosage of the allergen(s) is gradually increased over

time (becoming less dilute) stimulating the immune system, but

not enough to cause a full-blown allergic  reaction.  Over time

the individual becomes desensitized to the offending allergen(s).

What conditions are they used for?

Most commonly they are used for allergic rhinitis (hay fever/chronic-

allergic sinusitis), allergic conjunctivitis (watery/itchy eyes) and allergic asthma.

Unfortunately SLIT therapy is not approved for treatment of food allergies.  We have found however that treating environmental allergies has helped decrease allergic reactions to foods in some patients.

5 reasons to get started on SLIT:

  1.  Your allergies are caused by triggers that are hard to avoid, like pollen.

  2. Allergy medications are not providing adequate relief.

  3. You are concerned with long term use and side-effects of medications.

  4. You would like a more long-lasting solution  to your allergies.

  5. Allergy shots are too inconvenient and too costly.

Benefits of allergy drops (SLIT therapy):

  • Provides long lasting relief from allergy symptoms

  • Reduced dependence and use of allergy medications

  • No shots = painless

  • Self administered, saving you time and money as there are fewer doctors appointments

  • Non-drowsy & Steroid free

  • Customized for your specific allergies

Immunotherapy (subcutaneous and sublingual) is contraindicated for patients with:


  • unstable coronary artery disease

  • autoimmune disease (not all forms, please inquire with us)

  • unstable asthma

  • asthma having peak flow or FEV1 below 80% of predicted value

  • patients under 5 years of age

  • patients using beta-blockers

  • severe psychological disorders

  • pregnant women

Doctor using allergy drops ona child
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