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Licensed Naturopathic Doctors since 2004

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Naturopathic Doctors San Diego/ Holistic Medicine

We pride ourselves in taking time with each patient to provide the best individualized care possible. ​We specialize in using modern and progressive means of diagnosis  with the goal of finding the root cause.  We utilize natural therapies in order to restore health.  We are trained extensively in the use of herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, and bioidentical hormones​ for hormone replacement therapy including management of thyroid disorders.​

We believe that we are responsible for treating people, not simply the conditions they are afflicted with.  Everyone has a story that needs to be heard.


We take time with each individual to make sure they are heard and most importantly use this information if we can to better understand how their health has evolved and how we can help them regain a healthy life.   So while we do have lists of conditions we work with, our clients are much more than the symptoms they present with.

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Therapies we use

The therapeutic approach we use to treat our patients is derived from the extensive training we received in medical school, special seminars and most importantly, from the hands on training we have had with more than 13 years of experience working with patients.  We utilize natural therapies including herbal medicine, nutritional therapies, bioidentical hormones, including thyroid hormone replacement to help restore health and balance

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