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Dr. Ian Hunter Moore

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Dr. Ian Hunter Moore is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with over 20 years of experience. 

His training began at the National University of Natural Medicine in a competitive residency program being exposed to treating a wide variety of patient populations ranging from drug addiction, underserved populations and family practice. 

After completing his residency, Dr. Moore moved to San Diego with his wife and opened a private practice focusing on thyroid disorders, cardiovascular disease and bioidentical hormone replacement. 

Having a family history of cardiovascular disease and tragically losing an uncle at the age of 40 to a heart attack, Dr. Moore has always felt mainstream medicine has lacked in its ability to truly provide preventative/integrative cardiovascular care. 

Following his passion for learning and seeing the need for better, more straightforward cardiovascular healthcare, Dr. Moore took a sabbatical from practice to focus on a degree in cardiovascular technology.  This allowed Dr. Moore to learn about heart disease from a completely different angle. 

This additional training has given Dr. Moore a deeper insight into better ways of diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease that goes beyond just basic cholesterol panels.  Combined with his background in thyroid disease and bioidentical hormone replacement, Dr. Moore is able to provide his patients with a well rounded healthcare plan that leaves his patients feeling empowered.

In his freetime, he loves cooking, sushi dates with his wife, Dr. Panda, woodworking and surfing with his 9 year old son.

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