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A Naturopathic Approach to Women’s Hormone Management

Are you interested in making an appointment, but not sure if we are the right fit for you as a doctor? This is a  Meet and Greet to discuss our approach to female hormone imbalances.


Topics we will cover include: 

Common symptoms of hormone imbalances 

How to diagnose and run tests for hormones

What exactly are bioidentical hormones and how can they be used safely?

How to differentiate between PMS, Perimenopause and Menopause 

How we approach hormone management using herbs, vitamins and supplements


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Is it My Thyroid?

Tired of Being Tired?

Have you wondered if any of your health symptoms could be related to your thyroid?

Or have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but you don’t feel any different

after standard medical treatment?  With a wide array of symptoms, thyroid disease

commonly presents with fatigue, weight gain and mood issues. If you are looking for

straightforward answers and doctors that get it, this might just be the talk for you!

If you can’t make it live, register to receive a recording afterward. 

In this informative FREE 90 minute webinar, LEARN:

Common and uncommon symptoms of hypothyroidism

Why do traditional doctors underdiagnose and miss symptoms of thyroid disease?

Why is hypothyroidism often misdiagnosed as depression or anxiety?

What thyroid tests should be run for a proper diagnosis?

How does thyroid disease contribute to infertility and recurrent miscarriages?

What nutrients help our thyroid function better? 

How do environmental toxins affect thyroid function?

What is Hashimoto’s thyroid disease and how should it be diagnosed and treated?

What is natural thyroid hormone replacement(Armour) and how does it differ from Synthroid?

Click on the  button below to view the recording:

Image of a woman touching her thyroid

Right in the Gut!

Find out why your stomach might be hurting you. 

We'll review different testing methods and food sensitivity tests that may be helpful in understanding why your gut is causing you distress.
Celiac and gluten testing will also be reviewed

This free talks is appropriate for:
Irritable Bowel
Food sensitivities
Autoimmune conditions

Click on the  button below to view the recording:


PMS or Perimenopause?

Woman looking stressed or exhausted

PMS and Perimenopause often have similar symptoms.

Anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings and sleep disturbances are just some of the similarities. 

In this free informative webinar:

  • Learn the difference between PMS and Perimenopause.

  • What tests might be useful in diagnosing PMS and Perimenopause?

  • What other hormones may be affected during PMS and Perimenopause?

  • How are some ways PMS and Perimenopause can be managed naturally?

  • What exactly are bioidentical hormones and how can they be used safely?

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